Punk Portál - 2024. június 17.


Hello and welcome! You're surfing Punk Portal, the biggest Hungarian punk webzine. The site's main purpose is to give the latest information about shows, bands, record releases. The page also contains lots of show reviews, some record reviews and interviews. We also host Hungarian bands' websites, and have a very popular forum with more than 500 active users. The name is Punk Portal, but we also deal with other underground styles, like ska, reggae, rockabilly, psychobilly, hardcore, metalcore, and so on.

If you'd like to inform the Hungarian people of a bigger show/festival in the surrounding countries, or you have a band, and want to play here, contact us! Also write, if you'd like to see a review of your bands new CD on the site, or just want to have some info of the Hungarian "scene"! We can help you find some good shows if you're visiting our country.

And sorry, the site is only in Hungarian at the moment...

Dan - dan@punkportal.hu