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© válasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-04 20:17:14 (244)
akkor már top 6
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© Tokyo Anal Dynamiteválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-04 20:13:07 (243)
jajj, ez kimaradt

them - I can only give you everything
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© Tokyo Anal Dynamiteválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-04 13:39:36 (242)
top 5 60's garage punk sláger

1.fire - father's name was dad
2. the goliwogs - fight fire
3. mouse & traps - maid of sugar-maid of spice
4. kenny & the kasuals - journey to tyme
5. unrelated segments - story of my life

© xatixválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 21:37:05 (241)
TOP5 Propagandhi szám:

1. Purina Hall of Fame
2. Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An
3. Hate, Myth, Muslim, Etiquette
4. Head? Chest? or Foot?
5. Pigs Will Pay

© robitválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 11:08:47 (240)
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© Tpetiválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 11:05:51 (239)
top svédek:


© robitválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 09:42:04 (238)
Top svédek:


meg biztos van még egy csomó csak most ezek jutottak eszembe...

© localheroválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 09:31:57 (237)
Top 5 Svéd lemez:

1. satanic surfers - going nowhere fast
2. intensity - the ruins of our future
3. section 8 - make ends meet
4. raised fist - ignoring the guidelines
5. misconduct - a change

© robitválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-02 08:41:59 (236)
hétvége TOP akárhány:

1. új cinek
2. szombat reggel ;-)
3. két napos próba
4. Manu Chao: koncert

© xvincentxválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-01 20:08:18 (235)
magyar punk top 5
1.elit osztag
3.tizedes és a többiek
4.88-as csoport
5.rettegett iván

© xatixválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-01 16:49:10 (234)

1. Misconduct - A New Direction
2. Millencolin - Life on a Plate
3. Satanic Surfers - Hero of Our Time
4. Randy - The Rest Is Silence
5. 59 Times The Pain - More Out Of Today
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© KajbaszXXXválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-02-01 13:38:42 (233)
Aaaahhh. Ebben a kategóriában a Ball Of Destruction az alap nálam.
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© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 18:16:55 (232)
Ezekről nem is beszélve.
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© Tokyo Anal Dynamiteválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:57:03 (231)
hol marad a roxette? az abba? ace of base???? micsoda hülye lista ez
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© The Godfatherválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:32:24 (230)
[előzmény (228)]

© Tokyo Anal Dynamiteválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:29:44 (229)
a világ 5 legjobb dala

1. U.N.P.O.C - dark harbour wall
2. T Rex - jeepster
3. S*M*A*S*H - I want to kill somebody
4. The Associates - the affectionate punch
5. Etta James - at last

© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:23:24 (228)
És hol van a Clawfinger?
[előzmény (227)]

© The Godfatherválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:17:50 (227)

1. At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
2. Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
3. Soilwork - Figure Number Five
4. In Flames - Reroute to Remain
5. Burst - Prey On Life

© The Godfatherválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 16:16:46 (226)

1. Terror - Lowest Of The Low
2. Ringworm - Birth Is Pain
3. Terror/Ringworm - split
4. Ramallah - But A Whimper
5. Madball - NYHC

© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 15:00:59 (225)
Az csak félig jófej.:))
[előzmény (224)]

© Danválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 15:00:08 (224)
Es mi van Heartattack-kel?
[előzmény (222)]

© jail breakválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 14:49:14 (223)
aaa t kihagytad:)

© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-30 14:48:34 (222)
Top 5 legjobb arc a punkportál fórumának történetében:

1. Thin Ice
2. nailedtothex
3. xbalazsx
4. Enforcer
5. punkkirálynő

© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 18:16:53 (221)
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© válasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 18:14:55 (220)
ha jól veszem le akkor egy koncertjük volt és 4 számuk. Igaz?
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© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 18:08:58 (219)
Annyira azért nem.
[előzmény (218)]

© válasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 18:06:18 (218)
jó nagy meló lehetett ezt begépelni
[előzmény (217)]

© Enforcerválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 18:04:45 (217)
Ahogy ígértem, begépeltem az egyetlen Alone In A Crowd koncerten (1988. nov 25. Anthrax klub, Connecticut) elhangzott átkötő szövegeket. Isten lenne, ha manapság még lennének ilyen frontemberek.

„Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see? OR AM I JUST ALONE IN A FUCKING CROWD?”
---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Is Anybody There?

Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody see what I see?
Do you remember when we used to hang out?
And we knew what we were ALL ABOUT
Different bands with different ideas
And I'm not talking back more than TWO YEARS
But now all that's finished, gone down the drain
No more scene, no more unity SCHISM REIGNS
What the fuck happened to what we said?
Was it some idiotic game we fucking played?

Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody see what I see?

We used to work togehter, band helped band
But now it's different, it's OUT OF HAND
It can't be true that I'm the only one who's proud
Of the way it used to be, am I ALONE IN THE CROWD?
Gotta get back to what it was before
'Cause we forgot what we were FIGHTING FOR
Let's end the bullshit, end it soon
So we can beat a path back
To our fucking roots!
---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

„I have only one thing to say to you people. And that is, it is fucking good to be back. This next song is really important, because it deals with the most basic thing, which is sincerity. This song is gonna go out to two people who are standing on this stage with me. One is Rob from UPPERCUT, and the other is Carl from a band called Raw Deal. This band wasn’t really meant to be a banda t first, it was meant to be a record, which will be coming out. But these guys have something that a lot of people don’t have and that is commitment. They have other bands, they’re not going to be playing with us anymore. This is the onyl time you guys are going to see this line-up together. This song goes out to those guys. IF YOU ARE SICK OF PEOPLE GOING BACK ON THEIR WORDS THAT THEY SAY, IF YOU ARE SICK OF PEOPLE WHO ARE STRAIGHT-EDGE ONE DAY AND NO EDGE THE NEXT, IF YOU ARE SICK OF PEOPLE LYING, THEN SING ALONG. THIS ONE IS CALLED COMMITMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------


I see fools, going on their way
They go back on every word they say
They go through life no worse for wear
They don't wanna see the light cuz they don't fucking care
Promises made, promises broken
All because of hasty words spoken
Times change and so do you
But down the line you've gotta
Fucking follow through!

Commitment (x4)

So go ahead and live your life carefree
Hide behind your lies and be a nobody
Just remember that when push comes to shove
You gotta be committed to yourself
And the ones you love!

Commitment (x4)
---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

„We are sick of it. Now I want you to understand that this band hasn’t had the time to be creative. We only have four songs, so don’t wait for the last song to dance, cause the last song is probably going to be the next one. This next song goes out to a specific type of person that comes into the scene… it’s a type of girl that thinks she can find some kind of respect and status by knowing people who are influential in the scene, who will stoop to any level just to be fucking respected. You can not be respected if you are not a human being. This song is not about the people who are real, it’s about the people who are fake. And this song is about people who think it’s not who you are, IT’S WHO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Who You Know

You're a fucking groupie
You're in it for the social scene
You know you don't give a shit
About what the message really means
You don't care about the music
You don't care about the words we say
Who the fuck do you think you are
You walk around like some fucking slut
You're getting me enraged
'Cause you'll crawl up anyone's ass
Just to be on the fucking stage
It's not who you are, it's who you know
Who the fuck are you trying to fool
If you're looking for status
Then go back to your fucking high school!

Who You Know (x4)
---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

„Let me take a little breather here for one second. This is gonna be the last song. I’m gonna take a lot of shit for this one. But I suppose… I suppose that’s really what this is all about… taking shit for what you believe in. Sometimes in even the most positive people there negative emotions. I am not talking about fuckin picking fights, and I’m not talking about fucking playing games, you know, bullshit. When people threaten other people with idle threats and expect people to treat it as a joke is bullshit. That’s a lot of bullshit. This song is called ’When Tigers Fight’, I hope you really understand what it’s all about. FUCKIN' PUSSIES… GO! DANCE!!!!!!”
---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
When Tigers Fight

You talk big shit
I've heard your threats
Now I'm gonna put you to the test
Don't look for help
It's just you and me
One on one, and then we'll see
Brass knuckles for gloves
The streets for a ring
There ain't gonna be no bell to go ding
You've said you're so hard
So I guess you'll be glad
When I give you the best fight you've ever had!
So you think it's funny
Well you laugh in haste
'Cause I'm gonna knock that smile off your face
Gotta hit you hard
Gotta make you bleed
Before you do the same to me
Our time has come
We've both waited long
We'll finally see who's weak, who's strong
The truth will be revealed tonight
When Tigers Fight
---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

„You want to do it? You want to do it? Alright, tune up, tune up, we’re going to do one more. But before we do it I want everybody to get off the sides of the stage cause I want to dance to this one! Holy shit, they didi t! Incredible. Alright while this guy tunes up I’m gonna take this opportunity to thank people. All these guys right here. They are the ones I’m going to thank. They are my old friends from a time that is gone and it’s not forgotten either. This song goes out to all my friends like Alex and Porcell, and Ray who is in India. All my old friends, like Luke. You guys are pissing me off here. Why don’t you give these people a cheer? These people work harder than you have ever worked in your fucking life! It also goes out to my new friends like these guys from California like HARD STANCE and INSTED. And the bowling pins. But especially this song goes out to one person , and that is Mike Ferraro from JUDGE, because without his encouragement this band would never have gotten together and he’s the one he really convinced me to do it. This set goes out to him. This song is and old DC song by a band that you might not like now buta t one time they were really , really hard. This band is called GOVERNMENT ISSUE. This song goes out to the Youth Crew, old and new. This song is called TEENAGER IN A BOX! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

[előzmény (197)]

© abdulválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-23 09:22:28 (216)
Top 3 ismeretlen kedvenc a kilencvenes évekből:

1. Én és a Magnum - Beavatás
2. Rózsaszín Kutyaharapás - R endhagyás
3. Fürge Ujjak - Próbatermi felvétel

© Danválasz erre | adatok | e-mail - 2004-01-19 10:57:48 (215)

17,61 euro = 4,663.99 HUF

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